The Information Revolution Is Real

And I think anyone would be hard pressed to find someone that disagrees that it is having a profound impact on the world we live in today.

This post on twitter got me thinking this morning:

I found the below video in the pre-twitter years of the Internet and used it as a conversation starter around teaching with technology for many years. Then, I forgot about it. It was lost to one of my old YouTube playlists, never to be played again. Until yesterday, when I used it in a team building exercise to talk about my Why. The reason I’m a self described 1:1 evangelist and believe infusing technology into core instructional practice is absolutely critical for the future of education.

The video quality is bad and the tech is pretty hilarious, but to me, it is still one of the best examples of the dramatic shift in how we interact with information that is currently underway.

While the video is starting to show it’s age, I think it’s even more relevant today because if anything, the changes it depicts are accelerating, not slowing down. In Education, we have a responsibility to prepare children for their futures, not our pasts. How many schools are actually preparing kids to be successful in a new post information revolution world?

If you have a video that highlights the information revolution happening now, please share in the comments. I’m looking to refresh my old Building A 1:1 Vision Playlist. Thanks.