What the? 

One might look at my last two posts and ask, “What’s that stuff doing there?”  Well, I have decided to start posting my class objectives for the week on my blog as a way to capture them in time.  You see I post my objectives in Moodle at the top of my courses every day:

class objectives for the week in Moodle

class objectives for the week in Moodle

Which is great.  I really like having this information right at the top of the Course.  The problem is that I am losing the previous information as soon as I update it.  I have seen teachers logging this information in binders and books.   I can’t quite bring myself to go analog on this.  Not with Moodle already there.  But I haven’t found a way to keep this information in Moodle (where I would really like to store it) and easily reference it in the Course Topic section.

I have experimented with embedding Google Calendar and entering the information as an event for each day but it felt clunky.  I really like to have a database back end with a simple web front end that I could pre-load with objectives and assignments and have it populate automatically.  I just don’t have the time right now to do that.  So for now, I’ll capture the information in my blog.  At least I will be able to go back and find the information when I need to.