The Dark Side of the Moon 

I feel a bit out of touch lately having moved my family half way across California (width wise anyway) while immediately stepping into a new job without any down time to decompress from iPad land. Even though I didn’t setup my computer for a month after we moved in to the apartment, I’m just now starting to get into a semblance of a routine at home again.

Yes I was checking twitter on my iPad but I still can’t bring myself to compose blog posts on the darn thing. I just recently realized that I finally learned how to touch type for crying out loud. Despite those challenges, I still have much to say and hope to start semi-regular blogging again soon. And for those of you that listen to the Small School Big Tech podcast, Danny and I just need to find a time that works for both of us to record the next one. I am not sure what we might talk about, since neither of us work at a small school anymore but…

If there is one thing that they need to teach in high school these days, it’s scheduling. There are no bells telling me when to move from one place to another unless I make them on my iPhone and my days are now packed with meetings.

So what might be coming up here? Well I want to talk about iPads and touch base with Le Grand to see how it’s going. I know people are still finding the Trouble with Tribbles post and I would like to do a follow up to that one at some point.

Also, I just spent two days at Google learning about chromebooks and how they might save my new district’s prospects for wireless devices and I would like to expand on where I see that device playing into edtech in the future. I’ve been considering doing some basic philosophy pieces (maybe videos) on where edtech and in particular IT in education really needs to be now that we are into the second decade of the 21st Century. Mainly based on the responses I’ve gotten when presenting about the 1:1 iPad migration, the decisions we made that allowed us to get there and how the thinking behind everything needs to change to truly embrace the 1:1 classroom.

Personally I thought we were all done having the discussion about wether technology belongs in the classroom or not and had moved onto talking about how we got it in there and how we use it, but apparently not.