Backupify – A nice little cloud app

Nice? Ok, so far Backupify is awesome.  I looked at my Twitter archive today and what can I say but Wow!  I mean, come on. It built an entire pdf book of my Twitter activity that I can download!  I also have it backing up 2 personal gmail accounts, my google docs and delicious bookmarks.  The interface is simple, its easy to use.  I understand the thing.  It just works.

The email notifications of completed backups surely must be making me sleep better at night knowing that my cloud data is being backed up.  I did reduce the backup frequency from daily to weekly.  Since my cloud data is supposedly “distributed” and “redundant” anyway I felt super paranoid every day when the backupfiy email would arrive telling me my services had been backed up.  Once a week feels better.

Now, if only they had something similar for Google Apps accounts I would be all over that.  As long as it was free, or nearly free.