Operating Systems Don’t Matter, But I Still Want a Mac

I’ve become one mixed up computer user. For the past few months I’ve been running Snow Leopard on a hackintosh at home as my main desktop computer. I also have an old laptop running Windows 7 that I occasionally will drag into the living room and work on in front of the TV but more and more, my living room surfing is done on my iPhone.

At work I am running Windows XP; mostly because I just haven’t had time to upgrade to Windows 7. I also have an Ubuntu Linux netbook that goes with me to meetings and what not.

Just a few years ago, I would have found it impossible to jump between Operating Systems like this. Just keeping up with the application requirements would have driven me insane. But now I just open up my web browser (Firefox or Chrome mostly) on whatever system I am using and Bam! its all there. Email, Docs (we use Google Apps at school), Remote Desktop (yes I do need to access my Windows Servers), The Internet.  Everything I use on a day to day basis is cross platform or in the cloud.

I guess if I stop to think about it I’m what you could call tri-lingual when it comes to Operating Systems.  It’s kind of neat; in a geeky sort of way.  Having said that I should be able to format my computer right now, reinstall Windows or even better (for my wallet) Ubuntu and be back on my merry way.  Except I don’t.  So if someone would care to explain why I continue to find myself inexplicably drawn to the most expensive platform out there I’d be much obliged.

Because I still want a Mac.