Hello. My name is Andrew T. Schwab and I am an educator (K-12 public school superintendent) and former IT guy fumbling my way through the rapidly evolving education and edtech universe. I’ve realized that for all my technological prowess with networks and the back end server stuff, I’ve got a lot to learn about Web 2.0, the education profession and most importantly myself. I’m hoping to continue to grow into this blog and use it to improve as an educator, an IT guy and as a human being. Learning can take a lifetime, I look forward to it.

Oh, and the views and opinions expressed here and elsewhere on the net are my own and do not (unless by happy coincidence) reflect the views or opinions of my employer.

Also, I don’t own stock in any company directly, although I do once again have some mutual funds that I’m sure are losing me money even as I type.

You may find me presenting at local and regional edtech conferences around technology in education, super simple infrastructure for 1:1 success, preparing kids for their futures and building future ready flexible learning environments.

You can find my previous podcasts at Small School Big Tech and rebootED and more content on YouTube.