iOS Strikes Back

iOSOk, so I had a moment of weakness. The pull back to iOS was just too much. My wife and I were both having trouble adapting to the Android Keyboard (years of iOS had trained us to use the space bar and trust apple to complete the word correctly) and I missed the iMessage integration with the MacBook. I had been using Pushbullet successfully for a bit and then it stopped syncing two ways. It would only sync from my Browser to the phone. So I caved. I figured the Android experiment was over. I pulled the SIM cards and put them back in each of our iPhone 5 iOS phones and that was that (I also reset the Android phones in anticipation of returning them).

Like coming back to a well worn pair of comfortable shoes where the sole is coming apart, I soon remembered why I had decided to give Android a try in the first place. I tried to use the default iOS mail app. I even took time setting up iOS notifications to be more Android like. While I appreciated the small, lightweight iPhone 5 that made me totally forget it was in my pocket and that fit perfectly in my car cup holder, I was constantly being reminded of how much better the Google Apps integration is under Android. And I use Google Apps a lot.

A day and a half later, I pulled the SIM cards, fired up the Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P and set the Android phones up all over again (in hind sight, I should have given myself a cool off period before reseting them). Thankfully this time, as soon as I logged into our gmail accounts, I was prompted with the option to restore from the last backup. It was magic, within a few minutes, the phones were right back to how they had been (something I was never able to do on iOS because we always ran out of iCloud storage while doing backups).

It’s been a week now and I think I’ve made it past the iOS pull. The keyboard is still an issue but we both better understand the difference now. I’m even getting the hang of having numbers accessible on the main keyboard screen. We’re finding some of the Apps are less refined on Android then iOS (Word with Friends and the Kaiser Permanente App seem to crash every now and then) but overall, we’re back on Android and doing ok.

Next up, the Project Fi SIM arrives.