MIE Application

I’ve decided to apply for Microsoft Innovative Educator. If you’ve followed me for a while, you might think that strange however, long ago and far away, I started out life as a Microsoft guy. I had more Microsoft certifications than would fit on a business card and I ran Windows servers at home for fun.

When the iPad, and then the Chromebook came out, I dropped Microsoft from my professional repertoire of primary platforms for classrooms. But something has changed. With Windows 10, HoloLens and a more open platform strategy, Microsoft is starting to look interesting again.

I am applying to the MIE program, not because I’m an expert in the use of Microsoft products in the classroom, but because I’d really like to see what Microsoft’s vision for education is and more importantly, hear from current educators that are using Microsoft products in their classrooms to do innovative things. I also feel that I have a responsibility to seek out possibilities and learn how I might apply them to my district. So, it’s time to start paying attention to Microsoft again.