Off to #CUE15

And I’m off. Heading to the Airport. Soon to be at CUE15. I can’t believe it’s CUE time again. As a CUE Board Member, we receive status updates throughout the year about conference preparations, but it’s actually here! While I’m not presenting this year, I do have some Board duties to perform. If you see me directing traffic at the doors to the keynote sessions, be sure to say hi!

In my free time, I do plan to check out some great sessions (see the session guide for all of them, warning, prepare to be overwhelmed). I’m really looking forward to the Thursday morning session in Oasis 4, Weapons of Mass Instruction with Hall Davidson and Jon Corippo. That is sure to be an awesome amazing show.

I’m trying to wrap my head around getting over to the UnCon at the Hard Rock Hotel. As a huge #edcamp fan, I’m down for some self directed PD as a break from the overwhelmingness that can be CUE. One way or another, I’ll make my way over to hang out and enjoy some good conversation.

Of course I’ll probably stop in the hallway for some good old fashion #hallwayPD time. There are a few topics I’d like to talk about that aren’t on the schedule. IT stuff like wireless access, chromebooks and Google Apps domains come to mind.

Beyond that, I have to make sure I get over to Hamburger Mary’s for lunch with Mike Magboo. It’s become something of a tradition. I’m also looking forward to visiting Sherman’s Deli for at least one lunch, and maybe more.

My fingers are crossed on the wifi. I’m confident that CUE has spared no expense and done everything possible to ensure that the wifi can support 5500+ computer using educators and presenters this year. But wifi is hard and CUE users use bandwidth like Californian’s use water. I hope someone tweets out the graph of bandwidth utilization during the conference.

I am fortunate to be able to send twelve teachers and three administrators from my district to CUE this year. I hope they have the same incredible and overwhelming experience that I had when I first came to CUE. I remember feeling like I had finally found my tribe. A group of passionate educators that were also passionate about technology. Risk takers, explorers, innovators, lone nuts, novice and master educators all with an eagerness to share and learn in the exciting and amazing space that is EdTech.

Whatever happens over the next few days, I’m looking forward to hanging out and taking it all in because spring CUE only happens once a year!