Time To Jump To Safari?

I’m an avid Chrome browser user. Chrome stole me away from Firefox back around ’09 just as Firefox had stole me (ok, more like rescued me) from Internet Explorer back in the early days of the web. Chrome was lean and fast and worked well. And when it didn’t, it had a sense of humor about it. I don’t just run one Chrome Browser on a daily basis, I also run Chrome Canary, the beta browser, which back in the day was a solution to running a work gmail account and a personal gmail account at the same time. I’ve been doing it so long, I can’t bring myself to change my workflow to Chrome profiles. But lately Chrome, or more accurately, Google Apps on Chrome, has been giving me some trouble. Gmail is slow to load, in both Canary and Chrome and on both my personal and work gmail accounts. Docs fail to fully load. Google+ takes forever to load. This happens at work with a 1Gpbs link and at home with a 24Mbps link. It happens pretty regularly. I have disabled extensions, cleared caches and changed DNS servers. Nothing seems to permanently solve the problem. Despite all that, I’ve been hesitant to try another browser. Ok, more like too lazy. But today I got fed up with one particular annoyance and it may have pushed me over the edge.

We use a hosted VoIP phone solution from JIVE. I have my voicemail set to deliver to my email, a nice feature as I don’t have to interrupt my workflow on my computer to check voicemail, it’s integrated into my gmail. Or it should be. In Chrome, the WAV file attachment won’t play. When I open the voicemail email and click on the WAV file, I get the following prompt:

Download WAV

I’ve tried the WAV player extension, I’ve tried assigning an App. It still won’t play. I end up having to download the file and have the MacBook pay it in iTunes. Not the most seamless process. On my iPhone, a simple tap plays the message. On a whim, I tried to play the file in Safari. Low and behold, it worked. I was shocked mainly because I thought it might be a Gmail problem. It turns out it’s a Chrome problem. Now I am considering giving Safari a run, at least for a while. Before Canary, I used to run my work gmail in Chrome and my personal Gmail in Firefox. Looks like I might go back to the two browser solution. At least until Google teaches Chrome how to play a WAV file on a Mac.

I suppose I could just switch to a Chromebook. My Acer plays the WAV files in browser just fine.