I’ll take easy over never every day of the week

Recently, Jon Corippo called me out on twitter for taking the easy route with chromebooks when it comes to getting devices into the hands of students. I respect Jon immensely as a visionary educational leader who consistently challenges me to think about what I am doing and why. In fact, Jon is the person who set me on the 1:1 path. Jon is constantly pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking. We need people like Jon to challenge us. People who live ten years in the future and inspire us to be better, to do better, to ensure the future they live in will come true one day. Without visionaries like Jon, we would still be writing in the dirt with sticks and wondering what the surface of the moon was really like.

But there is a difference between being a visionary living in the future and living in the present working to make the future a reality for everyone. The reality for many districts is one of underfunded technology, understaffed technical support, non-existent edtech departments and spotty infrastructure. For districts with limited resources, easy may mean the difference between a future with 1:1 access for students and good old textbooks. So yes, to make the future accessible for students today, I’ll take easy over never every day of the week.

What devices are you providing your students and why?