It’s Not All About the Badges #fallcue


Badges via @ucdjoe

I can’t believe it’s already the end of October. The school year is flying by. I’m super excited to have 20 teachers and a Principal from my district attending Fall CUE this year. I love Fall CUE because it is a totally accessible conference for first timers, given it’s relatively small size of 1200+ attendees and one campus location at American Canyon High School. It’s also great to see people from up north who can’t always make it down to the spring conference in Palm Springs.

Badges are cool but there is way more to #fallcue than fun badges. Personally I am looking forward to attending some of the great STEM/STEAM sessions and networking with fellow educators passionate about empowering student voice through technology. As a CUE Board member, it is thrilling to be able to help support such an amazing group of dedicated professionals, from the volunteers to the CUE Staff, who work so hard to make sure everyone has a great experience.

Not often do I look forward to waking up early, but tomorrow is one day I won’t mind. 7:45am, here I come. And here’s hoping there are some cool badges left when I get there.