I Have A Playdate #playdate14


On February 15th 2014, I’m going on a play date. No, my Mom didn’t set it up for me. It’s better than that. I got together with some fellow awesome educators and organized it. This is my first time organizing an event, so luckily the other folks on the organizing team have experience with this kind of thing and we’re on track for a fun day of play (just three weeks away!).

This play date is for educators. Educators that want to play with edTech tools to be precise. It’s a time to get together and figure out how to use cool tools (to PLAY!) with cool people that want to learn too. Playdate sprang from the minds of these awesome educators just last year and they are at it again this year with Playdate Chicago.

We’re hosting ours closer to home. If you want to learn more about what a playdate is, check out Karl’s blog post and Hangout. If you want a day of No presenters. No agendas. Just playing, sign up for Playdate San Jose today!

Hope to see you there.