A Family Friendly EdTech Event?


I’ve been averaging an edtech conference a month for a few years now, and in some months, like this upcoming February, I’ll be at edtech events three Saturdays in a row. Obviously this puts a bit of a strain on the family what with two kids and the wife and all. It gets even more interesting with Kid1’s endless swim meets (I think my wife thinks I sign up for all these edtech conferences just to escape the volunteer hours at the meet, upon reflection, she might be on to something). But no. I love attending the local, and not so local, edtech conferences. I think they are critical, especially now, with how rapidly technology is changing what it means to learn and teach. Not being in a classroom on a daily basis anymore makes these events even more meaningful to me. And hanging out with other people passionate about learning and teaching to give up their Saturdays to do the same is refreshing and gives me much needed hope after spending my weeks at the District Office, where we are all far too insulated from the art of teaching and learning.

I’m wondering how might I balance my family time (that’s a wife term) with my love for edtech and the opportunity to connect with other educators. Which got me thinking, why not a family friendly edtech event? Has anyone held these on purpose before? I know @dowbiggin and I have been seen toting our kids around at edtech conferences in the past. How about one designed specifically with that in mind? Most of these edtech conferences are held on school campuses. Some even have playgrounds. Why not have a playzone for the kids and a potluck or family picnic lunch time? Would anyone come? Maybe I’m just getting old and this is crazy think (although I’m not quite as old as @vollmert805, who is older than dirt) What do you think? Crazy or worth pursuing?