Silent Reading With A CD?

Is it common to do silent reading along with a CDROM in elementary classrooms? Apparently it is something they do in our district (where my daughter is in 3rd grade). I’m wondering how reading along to a CD helps kids read? How is it even considered reading?

If they had done this when I was a kid, I know I’d just be sitting there listening to the CD and staring at the book wishing I had a G.I. Joe comic book in front of me. Because really, what’s the point?

My daughter is reading at a 5/6th grade level (in 3rd grade!). She reads obsessively, to the point where we have to constantly tell her to put the book down at the dinner table. Silently reading along in a grade level book to a CD? Really?

Who exactly is this learning exercise for, because I know it’s not her.