People Read This Thing?

I usually write on topics that are under my skin at the present moment. Sometimes I lose interest or get sidetracked in the middle of a post and it never makes it to Publish. And sometimes the story just hasn’t fully developed yet in real life (reference the VDI Saga which is languishing at part 4). Through it all I very rarely write for anyone but myself and therefore I sometimes forget that this thing is public and that on occasion people actually stumble across it.

So I was much surprised today to have received a tweet from Ed-Tech Magazine letting me know that my little blog had made their 2013 Honor Roll: EdTech’s Must-Read K–12 IT Blogs. Kind of makes me wish I’d actually setup my vanity domain a while back. Anyway, to anyone who finds this blog and takes the time to read what I write, much thanks and appreciation.

But I’m still mainly writing for me, to excise my own demons. If what I write works for you too, then awesome.