The Power Of The Internet – Hanging Out With Yong Zhao

Today I was in a Google Hangout on Air with Dr. Yong Zhao.

Hangout With Dr. Zhao

Dr. Zhao is author of several books about education including his latest, “World Class Learners: Educating Creative and Entrepreneurial Students” and has keynoted all over the world. I saw his keynote at ISTE12 and was totally amazed.

Today the power of the Internet enabled my co-host (Mike Vollmert) and myself to connect with a fellow educator who is passionate about our education system and our student’s futures and have a discussion about big ideas and issues facing education. I can’t imagine what my education would have been like if these kinds of tools had been available to me in my classes back in the day. What’s really sad is that in the majority of classrooms today, these powerful tools for connecting and learning still aren’t being used. But think about what would be possible if they were. Every kid could connect with someone that was passionate about something they were passionate about and would have the freedom to pursue their own interests, set their own goals and discover the world in an environment of trust, support and connectedness. These are the kind of learning experiences we should be building for our 21st Century learners. The technology is here, why aren’t we?

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