In the continuing saga of my iPad mini v. Nexus 7 use, I’ve come up against another issue. Standby time. I’m using both devices daily now. The Nexus 7 is my breakfast table news reader. I spend about 25 minutes in the morning on Flipboard reading the headlines before I set it down for the day. I’m using the iPad mini at night for watching Video (most recently the Ray Mears Bushcraft series on YouTube) which I do for about an hour. I then put it in my backpack where it usually spends the day at work.




What I’ve found is that in these use cases, the Nexus 7 runs out of juice within two days, even with minimal use, while the iPad mini can go for three to four days without requiring a charge. In fact I constantly find myself picking up the Nexus 7 in the morning and getting the 13% battery notice or on a few occasions, find that it has turned itself off and when I power it on, it immediately shuts down again. I’ve yet to have that experience with the iPad mini. Even when I get down to 20% and then 10% I can still make it through a video before plugging it in for the night.

A few weeks ago I took the kids skiing in wireless no man’s land and left the iPad on the dresser with around 60% battery. When we came home after being away for 3 days, it still had over 50% left. The Nexus 7, which was half charged as well, was completely dead. I’m also seeing the same thing with my kid’s iPad, she’s using it for 20-30 minutes daily and we’re only having to charge it maybe once a week.

Standby time is one of those things I’m really starting to appreciate in daily use of these tablets and Apple seems to be doing it better than anyone else at the moment.