Continuum: Putting The SciFi Back Into SyFy

I just finished watching the first season of Continuum and man, do I miss good SciFi. Set aside the fact that the basic plot for the show revolves around time travel (paradoxes be damned!) and I’m reminded of how good science fiction can be at exploring the social issues of the day.

Continuum is a canadian produced and aired show (they have those?). No I don’t live in Canada so don’t ask how I actually watched it. The important thing is that I did. And also that SyFy (just typing that name is lame) is picking up Season 2 of Continuum next year. So I would expect to see Season 1 on there sometime soon. Awesomeness. I don’t normally write about my TV/Movie addiction, if I did I’d be writing 24×7 and wouldn’t be able to watch as many shows but the visual effects and future world of 2077 are movie grade and all the usual suspects from the old SciFi channel shows are there (hope to see more in season 2). It’s Good as in serious scifi, not the cheeky stuff the SciFi channel was moving towards when it changed it’s name to SyFy (but I’m not bitter or anything). It makes me miss Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles all over again. Rachel Nichols‘ Kiera Cameron is both Terminator and Connor in this modern time travel story arc.

I’m writing this because I don’t want Continuum to go the way of Firefly. Firefly was another awesome science fiction show making relevant commentary on our modern world today. The difference was that I found Firefly on Netflix after it had been cancelled. Let’s not let Continuum become the next Firefly. SyFy is picking it up so SciFi fans, let’s all watch and support it. We can stand seeing the SyFy bug on our TV for an hour a week, can’t we?

And if you turn your head sideways and squint real hard, it might just look like SciFi again.