No iPhone 5 For Me! Why I’m Sticking With The 4S For Now

This time lat year, I traded in my iPhone 4 for the 4S and I remember the difference being significant enough to have been totally worth it. Primarily the improved camera speed and not having to use a case to make a phone call were the big wins for me. Forgetting for a moment that I managed to scratch the screen in the first two weeks because I couldn’t bring myself to ZAGG the retina display; I could justify an upgrade in my own mind just so I don’t have to relive that horror every time I notice the scratches (which truthfully is not very often anymore). I’ve been seriously re-considering my initial impulse to upgrade just because a new iPhone is out. In fact I’ve decided not to upgrade right now.

Maybe it has something to do with the intriguing options out there from the android camp (Galaxy S III anyone?) or maybe it’s that I find the stretched out iPhone 5 oddly proportioned. Whatever the reason I’m just not feeling the need to upgrade like I did with the 4. The 4S is a great smartphone whereas the 4 had issues. My 4S is going to run iOS 6 when it comes out and the four apps I use daily will continue to do what I need them to do. The iPhone 5 for all the hype offers little incentive for me at the moment. I’m not even all that jazzed about the new camera improvements.  I recently bought a Sony NEX 5N and am getting more serious about taking pictures of the kids and I’m trying not to pull out my phone for that anymore.

So no, I won’t have the newest, fastest, thinnest iPhone and I’m perfectly ok with that (really, I am). The iPhone 5S may be another matter entirely. I guess I’ll have to wait a year to find out. Now where’s my iPad Mini?