I’m Not A Webmaster, I Only Play One On Squarespace

My school district has a parcel tax renewal on the ballot this November and I gladly volunteered to do the web page for the campaign on my personal time. I started by building out a site in wordpress but quickly realized that while wordpress was a great blogging platform, for the uninitiated web designer, it was probably not the best website platform. In all fairness to WordPress, my html coding days pre-date CSS and I haven’t exactly kept my skills current. So I was pleasantly surprised to find that after switching to Squarespace I had a great mix of GUI WYSIWYG editor with all the codey bits underneath just a few clicks away. Here is the site that I built over the course of a few late nights and weekends. The content and pictures were provided, which was a big relief because with the tools available, it really was all about the content. I think it all came together rather nicely and the site really looks nice on mobile. Now if only the wife would let me pay the $10 a month to host my blog on Squarespace, “There is no box” might actually look presentable.