Caveat Emptor

Buyer Beware. That’s the first thought that popped into my head when I saw my previous position at East Side advertised on the job site. The position pays, $136,404-$141,825, which coming from the central valley, seemed like a lot of money four months ago. In fact it was considerably more than the other offer I had back in December when I chose the IT Director job at East Side over a certificated edtech Coordinator position a bit further north. I was seriously leaning towards the Coordinator job but the 30% pay difference was hard to overlook. In hind sight, I should have asked why the East Side position was paying more than the surrounding districts at the time (and still is). Had I done a bit of due diligence I might have discovered the district’s reputation and got some heads up on the state things there. But I didn’t and my wife really wanted to move back to San Jose and not an hour north of San Jose; so the decision was made and four months went by but I would not have made it to Berryessa if I had not taken that particular detour. So the moral of the story is, look before you leap and if you happen not to, hope your luck holds long enough to bounce onto a nice sturdy ledge somewhere further down the mountain.