Writing is Therapy…

…and it’s been an emotionally taxing week.

I started a new job. While getting to know the new folks I carried around the feeling that I’d abandoned my East Side team in the field, surrounded and outnumbered.

I tried on my new office and found sitting with my back to the door to be less than ideal. I was kindly offered the option to rearrange everything, have an ergo evaluation and even order a new chair while we were at it. I was too culture shocked to say yes right away.

I wrote a blog post about some of the reason why I left East Side. Apparently the rumors have started already.

I made hotel reservations for ISTE because with the job change I’ll actually be able to attend. I’m looking forward to seeing what edtech trends are happening around the world and meeting up with all the CUE and GCT folks again for some commiserating.