The Top 10

I came across this Lifehacker article “How to survive the 10 grueling levels of office hell” and realized that I had experienced most of them in one way or another during my vast and varied careers. I thought I would share so here goes.

10. I don’t mind eating at my desk and my wife packs great lunches. I used to work with a guy who would eat his lunch while working on track engines. Nasty when a white bread sandwich turns greasy brown and motor oil black.

9. I never learned how to take power naps and it’s usually too noisy to sleep in the server room. Although I knew a whole artillery gun crew that could curl up in the back of an M109 and sleep for hours.

8. I’m the IT guy. I’m the one doing the monitoring.

7. Constant bombardment and multi-tasking is the name of the game in IT. I do find that not checking email every 10 seconds helps limit interruptions.

6. Been there, done that. Welcome to Lone Ranger IT baby.

5. Wife always says I’m happier the less money I’m making. No you may not pay me any less.

4. I’ve been wanting to get those fancy glasses that supposedly help reduce computer eye strain but they cost a lot and I don’t make that much money anymore. But I’m happier. Even if my eyes hurt sometimes.

3. You’re not making me upset, I’m making me upset? What kind of new age self help junk is that? Wait, did I just make myself upset?

2. Been there, done that too. More than once.

1. Freelancing was probably the most fun I’ve had while working. Since I got to be a stay at home dad with kid#1 for two years and I enjoy fixing other people’s problems it was the perfect situation. My own problems are another issue.