Becoming a Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer – New and Improved

After having jumped through all the required hoops, I finally submitted my completed Google Apps for Education  Trainer Certification application back in March. I’ve been waiting ever so patiently for my the email congratulating me on becoming a Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer ever since. So imagine my surprise when late last night I received the following email:


Thank you for applying to the Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer program. Since you have submitted your application, we have added additional questions and would like to collect some additional information about your Google Apps experience to further evaluate your application.

Please fill out the following form with information about your Google Apps background: link removed.

There is also an additional requirement of a 2 minute video introducing yourself. This can be a simple video spoken into a webcam. Tell us who you are, what your current role is and what you have done in education, and how you’re an innovative Apps user.
We apologize for the delay in response as we have had an increased volume in applications in the past month. Please expect 3-4 weeks for final review of your application after submitting the supplemental application form.

Best Regards,
The Google Apps for Education Team

I suppose I could have just completed the extra steps but the scenario this presents conflicts greatly with my sense of fair play and ethical behavior so I decided to send this email back in response instead:
I paid my money, passed the tests and followed the requirements and steps to be certified. The fact that between the time my application was submitted and now Google has gone and changed the requirements should have no bearing on becoming certified. I’ve been a strong GAFE advocate in the Edtech community in California since before Google got it’s act together and started providing resources to help people migrate to Google Apps. I’ve had to respond to many questions and concerns about the safety and wisdom of trusting Google with a Schools data and building learning environments around a free product. Never in my defense of Google did I ever personally have concerns about those issues, however this email has me questioning the Apps for Education team’s sense of fair play and ethics.
While I doubt it was your intent, this email basically says your going back on your word, that you’ve changed the rules for the certification and for everyone who’s apps were stuck in your queue awaiting review, sorry but you need to apply again. It’s a trust issue. Google Apps works because I trust google with my Districts data and I trust that your reasons for providing GAFE for free are generally aligned with my districts interests. It’s hard to maintain that trust when the party with all the power exercises that power in unfair ways.
So yes, in the time it took to write this I probably could have just filled out the extra form and made a video but you’ve set off my ethics and morals alarm and my sense of fair play is screaming.
Please consider my application based on the criteria established at the time I submitted it. If you don’t approve it I’ll understand.
So what do you think? Is this a fair way to treat all those of us that submitted applications before the new and improved application process was put in place?