Tabcasting and Google Forms Flip Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century

I just got back from ETC! 2011. This was my second year attending the CC CUE event and just like last year it was well worth the Saturday. Of the three sessions I attended, the one that really stood out was Ramsey Musallam’s session on Tabcasting. He’s got a radically common sense idea about how to use simple teacher technology to transform the classroom. And it’s backed by research! I encourage you to check out how to flip your teaching at his site

I can’t wait to show this to Teachers at my school. We’ve had wireless tablets for years but no one ever thought to do this with them. Ramsey’s use of video and Google forms is absolutely brilliant. Seeing that piece brought about one of those ah ha moments, like why hadn’t I put two and two together before. Enough of me babbling, go check out his site and if you do nothing else, watch the Video on reflecting and see how Ramsey combines the power of Google Forms with the power of screencasting (er, tabcasting) to create a game changing 21st Century learning experience.