I suck at writing. My English Teacher in college tried to convince me to become an English major. Perhaps if I had listened to her I would have spent the last 20 years writing. If I had done that then maybe I would suck less today which is when writing really seems to matter more and more. We are in the age of the content creator, when publishing costs have been reduced to zero and everyone has an equal voice on the Internet. If only I’d listened to my Teacher, I’d have been better prepared to take advantage of this wonderful future. Of course, had I chosen a life of English, I would have missed out on the best parts of my life. I met my wife in an Intro to Databases class at Humboldt State after all. A University not known for it’s English program by the way. So I guess I’ll just have to be content that I know how the words I type make it onto the Internet and out to the world and just deal with the fact that they quite often sound like they were written by an IT guy that learned how to write C++ and SQL in college rather than the English language.