Browser Confusion

Ok, so I use Google Chrome for my HTML5 Beta on Youtube and then have to switch over to Firefox so I can edit my blog because wordpress doesn’t always like Chrome and then I jump back to Chrome to check Gmail because everybody knows Google apps are just stupid fast in Chrome but then I jump back over to Firefox for more work stuff that doesn’t run so fast (or at all) in Chrome.  I’m browser challenged at this point.  I remember when Firefox first came out I still had to do certain things in IE until IETab for Firefox was released and I never looked back.  Yes I was basically running IE in a Firefox skin, but I didn’t care.  I had a brief moment of single browser UI bliss.  Now I find myself wanting to be in Chrome but I just can’t.  Maybe I could get a Chrome extension to run Firefox.  That way I could mark certain sites to run in FF while still living in the Chrome interface.  They could call it FFTab.  Now that’s just silly.